Monday, October 15, 2012

What Does It Take To Run?

A Politician's Requirements
What does it take to be a politician? There are several things politicians must have in order to have any chance of being elected. Here are some of the main big-ticket items that help insure being elected to office:

  • In today's world it takes a lot of money to become a successful politician. You don't have to be qualified for anything  - you just need tons of money. We're not talking about chump change here either. The higher the office, the more cash you will need. We're talking tens of thousands for low office and hundreds of thousands for Congressional seats. So if you're not rich, you'd better be able to raise a lot of cash - or forget it. Your opponents will out spend you always. 
  • Using the Internet is also a must. You also need to be technology savvy to be able to reach those who are willing to contribute to your campaign. Remember, if you read it on the Internet, it has to be true. Having a good technology person on your staff is a must. This will help you perpetuate your PROPAGANDA to a wider audience. Obama raised an incredible amount of money via the Internet.
  • You also have to be a good liar. You need to be able to look a person - or a TV camera straight in the eye, and lie the biggest lie of your life and be convincing. All incumbents do it well, so competition is strong.
  • You need to be the world's biggest bloviator. If you can't talk-on and on infinitum without ever answering someone's question, forget it. Successful politicians can babble forever and NEVER be specific enough to satisfy any serious questions. Why some just mumble inaudible sounds like Mayor Menino of Boston. He can't put three words together, so he speaks in such a confusing way, that few understand what he says. Hence the nickname "Mumbles Menino." (And people continue to re-elect him - go figure?)
  • You also must know how to make back-door deals with the big shots and lobbyists who give you money in various was in exchange for helping them out by you passing favorable legislation for them. In other words, you must NOT have ANY INTEGRITY! Honesty is for the chumps. Having no scruples is an absolute. That's why you don't see many honorable Congressmen or politicians in general.
  • You must be able to deflect BLAME to someone or something else. You should NEVER take responsibility for anything bad that happens. On the flip side, you need to guiltlessly always take full credit for things you didn't do. You have to be able to perform this dishonest act in a convincing way or face ridicule. Obama is a master of both strategies. He hasn't owned-up to any of HIS mistakes since he took office. 
  • You must lack having any conscience. Politicians have to totally lack any sense of morality. You have to be able to tell citizens one thing and then screw them first chance you get, while blaming it on the other guy!

As you can see, these are just a few of the things that a good politician needs. The list is longer, but these are the main ones that they all have in common. Is it any wonder why we have such little respect for the ones we have entrusted to "represent us?"

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