Sunday, December 9, 2012

Game Plan

A Kid's Game
Any kid can future out Obama's game plan for "fixing" the fiscal cliff problem. He campaigned on raising taxes and that's just what he will do. He promoted class warfare, why stop with just the rich? There's nothing stopping him from limiting who he will raise taxes on so why not go for the gold and nail everybody in one swoop? In other words, Obama will let the Bush tax cuts all expire. This will not only punish the rich but also the entire middle class and the lower class as well. It will most likely plunge America into another recession.

Does Obama Care?
Chicago-style politicians don't play softball. They like to punish their opponents. Why else do you think that Obama wants to have full powers to raise the debt ceiling by himself? This action humiliates the GOP and gives him stronger dictatorial powers. Incidentally, the powers Obama strives for are not given to him, (or any President), in the Constitution. They ARE those of a DICTATOR!  In case you haven't noticed, Obama ignores the Constitution by circumventing Congress altogether! Instead he regulates using his CZARS or writes Presidential Executive Directives (another stretch of Presidential power).

Observe: If Obama really wanted to help solve the problem, why would he schedule a 20 day lavish vacation at the eleventh hour? In addition, he never mentions government cutting. He's as sincere as  termite! This illustrates Obama's negotiating in a bi-partisan way. He demands what HE wants, says he won't capitulate, and then leaves town to let it crash and burn.

When the SHTF
When the economy crashes (as the experts claim it will), Obama will never concede that HE is responsible. No, instead, he will point the finger again at the STUPID GOP and blame them again. Speaking of which, the GOP is nothing more now that a wing of the Democratic Party because they WILL raise taxes and cave to Obama's demands.

The Game Plan
Why did America re-elect this guy? Seriously! He doesn't care about the national debt - it's just the opposite.  His way is to expand government, continue spending us into disaster, and borrowing until he destroys the dollar. His goal is to CRASH the economy, and redistribute what's left to anyone who wants free stuff. Read Cloward and Piven's strategy for collapsing a government. Obama is following it to a tee.

Americans have been duped and haven't figured-out that Obama is NOT a friend to America as it was established, or to Americans who want to keep it that way. Maybe it DOES take a national calamity before people wake up. If that's true, then America will face some very dire consequences for being so apathetic!

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