Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Make Believe

Kool Aid
Are you still drinking Kool Aid? Do you actually believe that John Boehner will NOT capitulate to President Obama?

The Bush tax cuts will expire. Congress will not make any cuts in federal spending. Speaker Boehner will cave-in and there will be tax increases for more individuals than planned.

If this sounds negative, you're right. Look at the Congressional performance from the last time they faced making spending cuts. They couldn't do it so they created the "Super Committee." They are the ones who came up with the current disaster. They created the extreme cuts in military spending. They created the "fiscal cliff" scenario.

Reminder: Congress is supposed to create and follow an annual budget every year.

FACT: Our Senate has not met this performance requirement for the past four years. If they can't do a budget, what makes you think they can actually do anything serious about the deficit?

Do you still trust that they will look-out for your interests or the interests of this country? Hardly. Look at their record!  After all, they're just politicians. They lie and look you in the face, while they borrow and spend money they don't earn and give it to people who don't work, or blow it on bankrupt companies under the guise of Green Energy.

You or I could do a better job.

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