Monday, January 28, 2013

The New Brown Shirts

The Department of Homeland (DHS) security is currently purchasing 7,000 fully automatic "Assault  Rifles." This goes along with their recent purchases of literally MILLIONS of rounds of both handgun and rifle ammunition. That ammunition was purchased for agencies like the Department of Social Security (DSS). OH REALLY? Why would the DSS need millions of rounds of ammunition in the first place? What the HELL does Social Security need assault rifles for? Why didn't they buy the rifles and ammunition at the same time? What are they hiding?

The New Army
Just exactly what is going on in front of our very eyes? Is YOUR government creating a new militia of it's own? Recall that Obama wanted to do just that very thing when he was first elected. He wanted his own "POLICE FORCE." Why exactly does the DHS need ammunition in ridiculous numbers along with the dreaded "Assault Rifles" with high capacity magazines? Isn't this government currently BANNING ASSAULT WEAPONS? They claim that they are for "Personal Defense." For whom? Who in the government needs a light machine gun for "Personal Defense" - against what? Against who?

Why is Obama re-shuffling the military chain of command? He's only putting leaders who will commit to firing on US citizens - if necessary.

If you're buying that DHS needs these weapons, then you keep on ignoring the real world, drink your KOOL AID,  and wait for this government to surprise you with a total takeover.

Time to Be Scared
When your government is actively trying to ban firearms from law-abiding citizens while stockpiling weapons and ammunition for its government departments for "Personal Defense" you have to smell a lie! Weren't "Assault Weapons" supposed to be bad and how come THEY can buy the full-auto versions with high capacity magazines? Oh, that's right, they have to be able to load those MILLIONS of rounds already purchased.

What are they doing here? Look at the BIG picture. Why does DHS need fully automatic weapons with high magazine capacities? What is this administration building here? Is this the new Gestapo for the 21st Century? We need answers not more BS coming from the White House.

Action To Take
Tell family and friends about these actions and get them to call the White House and demand some straight answers. They are suppose to be working for us, not imprisoning us instead.

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