Friday, February 1, 2013

Privacy is Dead

Cell Phones
With the advent of cellular communications came the proliferation of a camera in every bodies hands. Not just a still camera, but a video camera. Within moments of any activity, your image can be posted immediately on the Internet.

Speaking of which, before Al Gore invented the Internet you did have some degree of privacy. However, the Internet plus cell phones have destroyed what little privacy remained.

More and more police departments are applying to the FAA for using drones for "police work." They are used for surveillance of all types. Look up, you may see one in action.

Look around yourself. There are cameras in banks, grocery stores, department stores, gas stations, courthouses, post offices, and on and on… Cameras are everywhere. You have no privacy because of cameras. Your image is being scanned at public events like football games. The government is looking for "terrorists."

The government (Department of Homeland Security) is requiring all social media players and major ISPs (Internet Service Providers) to "participate" with government requests for their databases. Most do and your personal information is being shared with the federal government whether you know it or not. Your "posts" and searches are scanned for all the bad government "keywords."

Likewise email is also being watched and monitored by your government. They look for the names of government officials, government agencies, government acronyms and many many more words on the government watch list.

Your purchases at Amazon and all other online stores are a matter of record. They can tell you what you bought, how many, and when. This information is also shared with other merchants as well as the government.

To Sum It Up
Unless you live in a cave somewhere, your privacy is DEAD! These are only a few ways in which you have been invaded!

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