Monday, February 25, 2013

Background Checks Are a Ruse

There's already a system in place for gun buyers. It's called the NICS (National Instant Criminal Background Check System). NICS was established in 1998 by the FBI. It's purpose is to ensure that purchasers of weapons and firearms are eligible to do so. Before a dealer can sell you a weapon, they must contact the FBI and run your information through their system to check and see if you have a criminal record. These background checks are ALSO REQUIRED at GUN SHOWS! So the government is lying about that point. There is no loophole in gun shows.

This system has processed more than 100 million background checks in the last ten years. During that time, over 700,000 weapon purchases were denied.

The current law for the inception of NICS states that the government cannot retain your identification and personal information for more than thirty days. However, many people believe that this is already being ignored by the government and that they are systematically tracking the sales and purchases of weapons.

The latest idea coming out of Congress (actually, the US Senate) is a bill that will restrict the sale and purchase of weapons and firearms between private individuals. No more transferring guns among family members or close friends of the family. EVERYONE will be required to get (and pay for) a background check. This includes fingerprinting, and paperwork like you expect from the government.

Chuck Schummer (D, NY) argues that keeping track of these private sales is needed to enforce any new law and because federal law already requires licensed firearm dealers to keep records. Do you see the RUSE yet? Private weapons are rarely used to commit crimes. And, private individuals are NOT dealers. They are NOT required to keep records just because they are NOT dealers. This is a cunning plan to have all lawful citizens participate in a phony scheme to register your guns. Once they do, the government has a written record of your name, personal information, type of weapon and serial number. Don't be STUPID and think that they will throw this information away after 30 days. They haven't in the past, why would they now?

Unfortunately, several states and the federal government has been keeping your private information and purchase and sales in their own "private databases" in violation of the current laws. However, these states and/or YOUR government will never own-up to the fact that they already ARE indeed compiling their own database of firearm owners and the kinds and types of weapons purchased. Add to that all those who have applied for and been granted a concealed carry weapons (CCW) permit. They already have your information.

Believe it. It's already happening. Don't believe it? Then keep on drinking the Kool Aid. Now the government just wants to make it "legal" to attack your rights.

One more major point to make here. Did you miss the fact that the "new background check" law does NOTHING to prevent CRIMINALS from obtaining and using weapons and firearms? No mandatory sentences, no NOTHING! This background law is just another attack against your God given rights to self defense and nothing more.

Gun/weapon registration is the first step towards CONFISCATION. Realize it and recognize exactly what YOUR government is doing to your freedoms. It's time to fight back.

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