Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequestration - Another Hoax

Crying Wolf Again
Are you getting tired of the boy crying wolf over and over and over again? Welcome to Washington politics. It's getting harder and harder to believe the CLOWNS in Washington. Why should we? Neither political party is doing their jobs so why do we continue to pay them? SERIOUSLY! Why are we re-electing these BASTARDS if they are not doing their job? Instead they create a FAUX CRISIS, and wait until the eleventh hour to try and fix the problem. Gee, that's intelligent. No contingencies, no plan "B", just keep driving the car over the cliff. Then at the last minute, the GOPs cave-in and Congress saves us from "disaster after disaster." A six year old could do better! This is no more than a big joke at taxpayer expense.

This is a broken record of NO LEADERSHIP from neither the White House or from either branch of Congress. Everyone points their fingers and blames anyone but themselves for their lack of solutions. It's always the blame game and frankly, we are getting SICK OF IT! Our Congress is Dead on Arrival and we deserve better. Why even the US Senate is guilty. They haven't passed a budget in over 4 years, but they keep on approving "emergency spending extensions." Why do we allow them to SCREW us every time?

The latest fiasco is SEQUESTRATION. A while back Congress created the Super Committee to handle the budget cuts to reduce the national deficit. They were so inept that they decided NOT to solve the problem but to postpone it yet again. That's some solution. The only difference this time was that the put in mandatory cuts if no agreement was reached. This made the Super Committee look good even though they failed to deliver ANY solutions. They "saved face."

Fast forward to today. The man-made-deadline by the Super Committee is tomorrow. If they don't come up with any way to fix the national deficit, we will have mandatory budget cuts in the government. ISN'T THAT WHAT WE WANT AND NEED? Duh?

The Progressive DEMOCRATS are playing the gloom and doom card telling us all that this is the end of the world as we know it. Teachers get fired, as do police and firemen. TSA will reduce airport security because of the cuts. They deliver this message of threats and lies every time they want their way so they can continue borrowing and spending into infinity. Of course, they want no accountability for their actions.

Tell the MORONS in Washington that it's time to face reality and start cutting entitlements. If not, then tell them goodbye in their next election and mean it this time!

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