Friday, February 15, 2013

Figured It Out Yet?

After the wonderful SOTU speech the other night, many people have begun to get the message. Things are not actually getting better and Obama will continue to destroy the American economy as best he can. Considering that he has four more years, it should be easy for him to make the destruction so devastating that it would take 50 - 100 years to recover - if at all.

Obama's new programs that will not cost a "dime" towards the deficit is the biggest lie of the year. This goes along with his inflated number of how he created over 6,000,000 jobs. If you look at the numbers, he wasn't counting ANY of the jobs lost in his first year of HIS administration.

The Golden Throat
We have been telling you folks never to listen to Obama's words. He is a fluid speaker and can look a camera in the eye and tell the biggest lie without flinching. He's masterful at deceiving the American public.

Instead of listening to him, you have to watch his actions. If you do, you will discover exactly what Obama is doing to America. He's cutting her down to only HE knows what. He did not mention anything about creating jobs in his speech. That's because he has no plans to do so. This is why he decommissioned the Jobs Council, which by the way, only met once or twice in two years!

Stop The Destruction
In order to fight the total collapse of the economy we must fight back. We need to challenge each and every one of Obama's Executive Directives. Many have been ILLEGAL and need to be challenged in the courts. So far, only a few things have be treated this way. You need to take a personal interest in establishing a relationship with your representatives in Washington. And, when it's time, to help vote-in Tea Party candidates to replace the "career politicians" we have now.

We are not totally doomed yet. But if we sit back and just watch, America will become much less than it is and it will be all of our faults!

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