Sunday, February 10, 2013

What Will It Take?

The Final Straw
What is the final straw that will break the camel's back? That's the winning lottery question of the day. Exactly what will it take for YOU and your fellow citizens to realize that this President is BAD for America?

Here are some questions to consider. Will you wake up when:

  • Your taxes are more than your wages?
  • You become aware this President is NOT creating jobs - nor does he want to?
  • You privacy has been totally destroyed?
  • The government confiscates all firearms?
  • Your Twitter or FaceBook accounts are deleted by the government?
  • Your home is searched indiscriminately without any search warrants?
  • Government drones fly over your house daily?
  • You or your spouse have been arrested and detained without any warrants and you are not allowed any attorney?
  • Your government spies on every facet of your lives? They know what books you read, TV channels you watch, your cell phone conversations, and read your emails.
  • You have the government confiscate your property for the greater good?
  • You realize that the government has created it's own police force and they are trying to hide this fact?
  • The government declares marshall law.
  • Your energy bills have skyrocketed.
  • You realize that there are no new jobs created and the economy IS getting worse then they tell us?
  • You understand that the numbers quoted by government agencies are falsified to make the government look good.
  • A friend gets arrested for saying negative things about the government. 

Sound Ridiculous?
Perhaps. But when you take a careful look of all of this administration's activities, you can come up with these scenarios. They are not that far from the truth. POTUS has been systematically grabbing power - both legally and illegally. No one seems to care. This has the potential of becoming a bad situation. Will it take that before people realize it's too late?

Isn't it time to pay attention?

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