Monday, February 18, 2013

Is Homeland Security a Misnomer?

Yet Another Purchase
This is NOT a conspiracy theory. Here are the facts; In addition to the 1.6 BILLION rounds of ammunition they bought 10 months ago, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is now purchasing another 21.6 MILLION more bullets. That's a total of over 1.625 BILLION rounds of ammunition in 10 months. This number exceeds what ANY military uses during warfare. The DHS has bought enough bullets to wage full-out war for the next 30 years! They claim it's for target practice. You don't use hollow points for practice! And, they must be very bad shots because that's a lot of practice!

The Department of Homeland Security's main focus now is directed at "homegrown terrorism" (their phrase). Perhaps they mean to direct their activities towards conservative political ideology, or "right wing nut jobs" defending the Constitution.

If this fact alone doesn't spark any interest, then forget about reading on.

Questions To Ask
Here are some things to start wondering about:

  • Why in the HELL does the DHS need that much ammunition? 
  • Why did they just purchase 1,500 fully automatic assault rifles? 
  • Who are they going to use them against? 
  • Are they planning for a civil war? 
  • Why did the DHS censor the figures of ammunition they have been buying? 
  • What are they trying to hide and why? 
  • Is DHS Obama's new "Civilian National Police Force" that he campaigned for in 2008? 
  • How is this activity connected to Obama latest push to disarm law-abiding citizens? 
  • What justification does the government have for spending Taxpayer's dollars towards these purchases?
  • Is the government preparing for a civil uprising? 
  • Will the government start the unrest so they can "Collapse and Contain It" using Marshall law?
  • Who in the government can STOP these activities?


  • Why in the HELL isn't ANYONE in Congress asking these questions in an investigation?

Action To Take
Start demanding answers to these questions or watch your liberties dissolve in front of your face.

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