Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Talk Too Much?

Poll Worker Admits Fraud
An Ohio poll worker has committed blatant voter fraud and was discovered after she bragged about voting "twice" for Obama. Once by absentee ballot and once in the actual voting polls. She was also responsible for "delivering" four other absentee ballots in the same handwriting from her home that also voted for Obama. The suspect claims that she was voting for other people who live in the same address. All in all, Ms. Melowese Richardson may have cast a total of six ballots (that we know of) for Obama.

She claims that she did it because she was afraid that her vote wouldn't be counted. She wanted to "fight" for Obama's "right to sit as president to the United States." Gee, that sounds reasonable - doesn't it? She offered no explanation for the other four ballots except that she was "delivering them" for the other people. Richardson claims that she had no intentions of committing fraud. DUH?

So here we have a state employed person using her position as a poll worker to influence the outcome of the Presidential election. Apparently she thought it was OK to vote multiple times and that that was NOT voter fraud. Are you buying that excuse for committing this crime? Was she alone in the swing state of Ohio? How may more poll workers in Ohio were voting more than once? We will never know.

If this doesn't undermine your confidence that Obama actually won the election fair and square, it should!

This situation would never have had the chance for success it voter identification was required for each and every ballot cast. It's a matter of public record that Obama won in all precincts where voter ID was NOT required and Romney won in every precinct where IDs were required. Coincidence? Hardly!

Don't be fooled when Democrat/Socialist/Marxist politicians tell you that requiring voter ID makes it hard for minorities to vote. That's just a LIE and these incidents of voter fraud back that up. Stop voter fraud with a mandatory photo ID as a requirement to cast ANY ballot.

You are being terribly naive if you think this was an isolated incident. Several precincts reported more votes cast than they had registered voters. That's IMPOSSIBLE without fraud! Several precincts reported 100% of the votes all for Obama in Ohio. This is also statistically IMPOSSIBLE. In spite of these "irregularities," the Ohio Secretary of State certified the election results without ANY investigations.

KISS valid election results Goodbye for future elections.

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