Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Plan of The Day

Drop A Note
If you tried to live for the next four years without some kind of plan or budget, how do you think your life would go? Well, our government has been doing that and much worse over the first term of President' Obama's administration. They have had NO budget and he seems not to care too much about it.

The Law
It's the law of the land that Congress & the President pass a budget each year. Obama hasn't signed ANY for four years. Why is this? How is it that Congress and the President can violate the law of the land without any punishment or consequences? Here's a thought: Why don't YOU hold them all accountable for a change? It's time to start making some noise in Washington, DC.

Action To Take
Ask your representatives to support HR 444. This tells the President to submit a balanced budget to Congress. If enough people demand it, it will bring pressure to act.

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