Saturday, February 9, 2013

Global Warming Strikes

OMG! Boston Buried
The city of Boston Massachusetts has had a record snowfall of over 24.9 inches. This breaks all previous snow records - including the infamous "Blizzard of 78." Winter storm "Nemo" has done exactly what meteorologists claimed. Amazing, because they usually get the weather predictions wrong in the New England area.

Of course all the green energy nuts are extremely happy because they are blaming this storm on Climate Change & Global Warming. Besides not having to go into work, local residents must now face the daunting task of digging out of their houses. This could take a while, but that's OK, because it's Saturday.

By the way, this also has been one of the coldest winters in a while. Not to worry, the climate folks will always have some lame excuse for that too.

The one good thing about this storm is that Governor Patrick was smart enough to enforce a no driving mandate which saved lives.

All in all, don't be surprised to hear more from the Statist Media claiming this was a result of "Climate Change."

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