Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"Awakening Movement"

There is a growing awareness in the United States that America is NOT heading in the right direction. Quite the opposite. More and more people are realizing that Obama's policies and regulations are NEGATIVE THINGS. They are beginning to see that his unstated "vision" is to the detriment, if not the all out destruction, of the America that we all grew up in and love.

The "Awakening Movement" is being conceived by grass roots pockets all over the country. These people are expressing their concerns via social media. This number of individuals is not stagnant. It is growing every day as President Obama unfolds his unwritten "strategy" to "fundamentally change America."

Regardless of their political orientation, US citizens are seeing what is happening to America and are reaching a decision to stop watching. They know that it cannot be allowed to continue because it will result in the total destruction of personal freedoms and GOD-Given liberties. We are no longer fooled by the charlatans in government.

People like Dr. Benjamin Carson, Senator Rand Paul (R, TX), and a few other brave leaders have expressed their concerns about Obama's growing governmental encroachment over our daily lives. Their messages have not fallen on deaf ears. Support these people. Encourage them to continue their quest to protect us.

Those of us who have become "enlightened" must now spread the word to family and friends. We must also unite so our voices can be heard and feared by those who want to change America in their false Utopian vision. It's time to fight back. Not violently, but in every other conceivable way.

Our enemies are no longer hiding. They are not afraid to show themselves. And when they do, we must confront them and use THEIR tactics against them. Suggested reading is Rules For Radicals by Saul Alinsky. This is a fight we cannot allow ourselves to loose.

Most important of all, we must recruit a true "LEADER" to provide direction and to guide this movement. Divided we lose. United we will win-back the country we love.

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