Wednesday, March 20, 2013

How Much Proof Do You Need?

House Speaker John Boehner (R, OH) says that the "United States does not face an immediate debt crisis…" He also says that "ANY talks about including revenue to address the 16+ TRILLION dollar debt is over." Wow, that's a comfort - Huh?

No new taxes, but it's OK to keep on borrowing and spending us into bankruptcy. This is coming from the GOP LEADERSHIP IN CONGRESS!

If you haven't recognized the idea of "no immediate debt crisis" it was spoken by President Obama last week! Boehner sounds like a DEMOCRAT - not a Republican. His thinking is part of the reason why America is going broke and racking-up unsustainable debt.

America needs NEW LEADERSHIP in the Republican Party. The John McCains and the Lindsey Grahams are NOT the answer. They are from another generation and have NOT kept pace with the changing culture in America.

Join up with your local grass-roots movements. Support their local efforts to replace the Good-Old-Boys who are considered "Career Politicians." Vote-out incumbent Republicans who are that in name only. We must eradicate (not violently) the Progressives in political office because they are destroying the very fabric of American culture.

And, BUCKEYES (Ohio voters), for Pete's sake, DUMP Boehner for a Tea Party or Libertarian candidate with TRUE Conservative values.

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