Friday, April 5, 2013

Looking for Work?

Obama's Collapse Plan 101
If you're one of the unlucky people who are seriously looking for work, we have more bad news. Our unemployment rate is stuck at 7.6% (these are government numbers - however, the actual number is double of what they report). You do know that the government numbers always try to put a positive spin on the situation. What's worse is the fact that we just topped 90 million people who have dropped out of the work force and have stopped looking for work altogether. Think of it. There are about 330 million in the entire population. So roughly 1/3 are no longer even trying to find a job. The Collapse America Plan is working! Now they are on food stamps instead. These people are discouraged and have come to realize that there IS NO WORK like they did before here in the USA.

Typical Example
We have a friend who's son has been out of the work force for over four years. He dropped-out of the labor force and became a stay-at-home-spouse instead. At first he went back to school and re-trained to get a degree in business. His college was happy to accept him into their Business program. However, they could not guarantee him a job upon graduation. So he committed to the program anyway. This was a bad choice because there are few start-ups in his area and unemployment is double of the rest of the US. He gave up looking mainly because of where he's living (Michigan). His wife pulls-in a decent salary as a mental health professional, so he's given up looking and is now a full time house keeper. Without any children they are doing OK and it looks like they will continue along this path for the near future. Neither of them are happy.

What's wrong with that picture? Most people know that the longer you are out-of-work, the less desirable you become to ANY employer or manager. Employers don't want someone who hasn't been in the work force for over four years - especially a guy in his early 40's! This has a negative stigma and rightly so. They ask themselves, so why hasn't this guy been able to find ANY work? What's wrong with him? They conclude that this guy MUST BE A LOSER! So our friend is committing the self-fulfilling prophecy of becoming a failure.

Granted, working at Dunkin Donuts for minimum wage isn't exactly ideal, but it does bring in pocket change and shows perspective employers that you are not some side-show freak who they can't trust to show up for work. It also shows his spouse that he's at least trying to make a household contribution.

If you know anyone in this situation, encourage them to find something, anything, just to keep them from falling into the pitfalls of committing job suicide!

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