Sunday, March 31, 2013

Is This America?

What the Hell is happening to America? We the citizens are watching as our politicians are helping Obama DESTROY what's left of America the land of the free and the brave. They allow the borders to remain open, allowing Political Correctness to become the ONLY way to speak, and letting swing state elections be overridden with fraud and do nothing about it.

This is NOT the country YOU grew up in. No way! If we continue to follow Obama's plan, there won't be ANY America as you know it. He's too busy trying to "fundamentally change America." Fundamentally change to what exactly? He has never told us what HIS plan is for that change. However, we are beginning to get the picture and it's not good for the American way of life.

We sit back and watch Homeland Security stockpile weapons and arms to use against who? Think about that. Why are they doing this and why won't the answer any questions about their actions?

We sit back and watch as Secular Progressives attack Christianity. We ignore them. We watch the dumbing-down of our kids in public schools and do nothing about it. They continue to learn less and become unprepared to be self-reliant. We watch the STATIST Media pump-out propaganda that they call the "news" and do nothing about it.

Our complacency is literally KILLING our country. When will Americans wake up? Why are we so complacent?

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