Monday, June 17, 2013

Martial Law - It's Coming

Martial Law is the imposition of military rule over a city, county, or an entire country during an emergency. The military takes "control" when the civilian government fails to maintain law and order. For example: When there are extensive rioting, or protests, or civil disobedience and civilian authorities are overwhelmed. This is exactly what is happening in Turkey right now. Local authorities are calling-in the army to squelch demonstrators.

Martial Law is commonly used to deploy troops to subdue crowds and to secure government buildings. The military is used to maintain law-and-order. In extreme examples, the highest ranking military leader overrides the powers of ANY civilian authorities, including local police departments.

Another great example of Martial Law was used in Boston, Massachusetts. The government sent tactical and SWAT Teams into Watertown, MA neighborhoods. They did so under the "guise" of "protection." They did so ILLEGALLY because they searched house-to-house forcing occupants out under gun point. All occupants were handcuffed and detained in paddy wagons. Another violation of the Fourth Amendment (Illegal Search & Seizure). These units did NOT provide the required search warrants and people were all detained ILLEGALLY.

If enough people end up becoming disgruntled with the scandalous Obama administration and take to civil disobedience, you can be sure that the government will "declare" Martial Law. Forget your liberties and freedoms. They disappear under army rule. You have NO rights or freedoms. You can be arrested and held without access to a lawyer - indefinitely. This is thanks to Congress passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). The law establishes a POLICE STATE.

If you believe that this cannot happen where you live, you are ignoring the fact that it has already happened here recently. Start looking at the "Big Picture."

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