Sunday, June 16, 2013

Ludicrous? Orwellian State

The Director for Homeland Security (Obama's Gestapo), Janet Napolatano, assured the American public that there is no such thing as the existence of an "Orwellian State." (That was an interesting choice of words). Napolatano was making her comments towards the National Security Agency (NSA) SCANDAL. This is pretty smart because it re-directs attention away from her own ORWELLIAN ORGANIZATION. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain and look the other way folks.

Napolatano says that the government may make some mistakes, but that the government has lots of built-in protections in the system. We should not worry about ANY invasion of privacy because the government is NOT looking for you, they're looking for the bad people. She also said "No one should believe that we are simply going willy-nilly and using any kind of data that we can gather." And finally to quote: "We’re constantly struggling.... It’s not easy–because technology has increased so much–these balances between security and privacy and other values."

So the government takes all your emails, phone calls, internet traffic, social media data,  online banking records - and you shouldn't worry unless for some reason, they decide to twist that information and use it all against you.

Meanwhile, the National Security Agency just admitted that they have in-fact, been listening to YOUR phone conversations without benefit of a REQUIRED search warrant. Hummmmm, isn't that AGAINST THE LAW? We can see how the built-in Big Government safeguards are REALLY working to protect us all from a TOTALITARIAN government take-over.

Don't forget that the DHS is the agency who is building a cache of automatic weapons (assault rifles), BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition, hundreds of Anti-riot gear, thousands of armored personnel carriers, but there's NO ORWELLIAN STATE here.

Is it any wonder that George Orwell's book "1984" is flying off the shelves at Amazon? Free online at:   This government depicts the very same government Orwell wrote about in 1949 when he created his novel. It portrays an all-pervasive government that injects mind-control (Political Correctness) over its citizens. A totalitarian state run by "elitists."

Does this sound familiar?

Read the book. Then take positive action.

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