Saturday, June 15, 2013

Why We Are Losers

Last month seven individuals were arrested in Massachusetts found trespassing the Quabbin Reservoir (a major water supply for the city of Boston). They were NOT Americans. The five men and two women were from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, and Singapore. They were at the reservoir after midnight. They claimed to be "Chemical Engineers" and "Recent College Graduates" as reason for trespassing. Yeah, right, sure.

After investigating these individuals, nothing turned-up that indicated any of them were connected to any terrorist cells or terrorist groups. REALLY? Is it possible that the government investigators may have missed something like they did with the Boston Bombers? Did anyone ever wonder about the REAL reason these foreign nationals were on a "field trip" at midnight in a restricted area to a large water supply? Given the nationalities of these individuals, isn't it possible that some of them  are Muslims? Apparently not. They call that "Profiling." You can't profile ANY Muslims.  Political Correctness is alive and well and it's DESTROYING America.

So a judge magistrate decided not to press any charges. However, the Massachusetts State Police are appealing. They are NOT pushing for any terror charges - just trespassing. They are enforcing the law as they should.

Unfortunately, the final decision will be in the hands of another judge in a HARD-LEFT Progressive state. We can guess the final outcome.

No wonder Americans are losing their sovereignty and freedoms.

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