Sunday, July 7, 2013

Gun Permits Increase

We all know that firearm sales are at an all-time record, thanks to the "Anti-Gunner" crowd in government and elsewhere. The Wall Street Journal reported that that's not the only think that has shown a tremendous rise. More and more Americans are getting their own concealed-carry permits.

Here are a few statistics that bear this out:

  • A dozen states including Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin have already seen an 18% increase in carry permits this year. That's more than double since 2007.
  • Ohio is predicted to double it's pace with over 65,000 new permits this year. (That's 3 times as many as in  2007).
  • Nebraska, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Wyoming have already matched their totals from last year and still have a half year to go.
  • Florida has granted more than 173,000 new permits (up 17% from last year) and twice as many as 5 years ago.

We can thank the Obama Administration for these increases. They have made firearms dealers the most successful in sales in American history.

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