Saturday, July 6, 2013

Time To Get Worried

If you are paying any attention, it should be coming quite clear that our local police departments are getting scary. Local law enforcement agencies have become "militarized." Police departments all over the US have adopted military tactics which include:

  • Using armored personnel carriers
  • Using military tactics for house-to-house searches
  • Using riot gear and riot clothing
  • Using the dreaded "fully automatic AR-15 Assault Rifles"
  • Using flash - bang grenades
  • Using SWAT teams

The latest push is for police departments to subject citizens to Criminal Charges for non-criminal acts. Here are several current examples:

  1. A 20 year old woman is charged with 3 felonies for buying bottled water.
  2. A man in Pennsylvania was arrested for writing with chalk on the sidewalk. He wrote: "Governor Corbett has health insurance, we should too." He was charged for "writing a derogatory remark about the governor on the sidewalk." (FREE SPEECH?)
  3. A Texas woman was arrested and detained over night for asking to see the arrest warrant for her 11 year old son. She went to jail while they left her son at home.
  4. Police in Watertown, MA searched door-to-door forcing all occupants out of their homes under gun point. Then handcuffed the occupants, and detained them in a paddy wagon. (NO SEARCH WARRANTS were issued for the ILLEGAL searches).
  5. Obama is "training" 15,000 Russian soldiers who are here in the US to protect the White House for the "Upcoming Disaster."

If these actions don't get your attention, then go back and crawl under your rock. These actions don't sound like America, they are more like some third-world country run by a dictator.

Wait a minute...

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