Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Remember Cyprus?

A few weeks ago a little place named "Cyprus" was capturing the attention of world leaders. Namely that government decided one good way to cover national debts was to STEAL money deposited in personal savings accounts. It is a fact that the government did take as much as 40% of personal savings from individual savings accounts. They gave no warning, had no right to steal, but did it anyway.

Can this happen in America? Who's in charge of our money? Congress delegated their responsibility of printing and coining money to the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank back in 1918 under the Wilson administration. We don't even know who owns the Federal Reserve but we do know that international banks are a strong influence over it.

The international banking community was paying close attention to the reaction to the Cyprus take-over of private savings accounts. Many Russian investors lost huge amounts of their money by having it in Cyprus banks. So much for protecting your investments.

Our Federal Reserve Chairman, Ben Bernanke, is building a huge stock market bubble. He along with Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner are working together to "Monitize" American debt. The net result is to devalue American currency, and cause inflation. That's bad for all of us and they just don't care.

Soon we can expect these people to pull the plug and cause the next crash. This one will make the Great Depression look like child's play. Bernanke has printed so many worthless dollars that there is no way we can overcome this fraud. Their solution to reduce American debt is to eradicate it totally by collapsing the monetary system.

Don't be fooled to believe that this will never happen. Look where we are today. This is the longest "recovery" in American history. Government statistics portray unemployment as 7.5 % but its more than double that figure. It takes more dollars to purchase groceries, gasoline, and all items that people rely on for their daily subsistence. We are NOT in a "recovery." Just the opposite. America is collapsing into itself. But the government will never let you think that because they tweak the stats to make things look better than they are. The charade continues until those controlling the $$ decide to pull the plug. That will erase our debt and solve that problem at the expense of the people who have savings.

Cyprus was the pilot test to see just how hard/easy that process of STEALING savings would be. Now the world bankers know it can be done and they WILL use it soon. The CRASH is coming. Hello "The New World Order."

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