Sunday, July 21, 2013

Zimmerman's Solution

This is a no brainer. Acquitted George Zimmerman is facing a vigilante movement being spearheaded by HATE MONGER Al Sharpton. This is how Sharpton makes a living. He rebel-rouses uninformed minorities into feeling strong emotions against someone else. Call it for what it really is - HATE CRIME and causing Civil Unrest.

Even President Obama has joined the Anti-Zimmerman forces. Earlier this week, Obama said that He could have been Travon Martin 35 years ago. In addition, Obama has directed LIAR and perjurer Eric Holder to "investigate" this case for Civil Rights violations. So we know where the government stands.

Why isn't Sharpton labeled a "Domestic Terrorist" by the Department of Homeland Security? They along with FEMA label people who have more than three days of food and water stored at home as Domestic Terrorists and they don't even cause ANY uprisings! Why isn't Sharpton being charged for HATE SPEECH? Everyone looks the other way.

The Zimmerman Solution
Kill two birds with one stone. George Zimmerman should officially change his name to "Ben Ghazi." If he does so the Obama administration will run in the opposite direction and never pursue ANYTHING with "Ben" ever again. Obama will cover-up all references to the ex-Zimmerman, bribe or threaten any witnesses, and have Holder use his perfected stall tactics to ignore providing any information from the government about "Ben Ghazi."

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