Saturday, November 9, 2013

Things To Come

If you believe that ObamaCare is a good thing, you may fall into the category of being an Obama follower. You ignore the evidence that ObamaCare is a bad idea and should be abolished. Evidence shows that the government is having serious trouble just trying to sign people up for government-controlled healthcare. This serves as a preview of more BAD things to come.

Opponents of the government healthcare take-over warned all of us before the law was passed that there were several pitfalls to the then proposed legislation. One of the warnings was that it was going to force people onto the single-payer system. "Single-payer" is a nice way of saying government controlled system. It ignores the fact that single-payer systems destroy insurance companies all together.  This puts the government in full control over your healthcare.

Another thing that was given as a warning was the infamous "Death Panels." The DEMOCRATS said that that was a folly and that there would be no such a thing. Now after the bill is a law, we find-out that bureaucrats will determine if you get care and if so, what care you will receive based on their criteria of age. The DEMOCRATS lied.

Opponents also warned that there would be a shortage of doctors. Today, this is the self-fulfilling prophecy because doctors are leaving the profession via early retirement of they are NOT participating in Medicare or Medicaid altogether. That creates a shortage of qualified doctors.

I Told You So
Even though ObamCare is NOT fully rolled-out, it is not too difficult to understand that the predictions were correct and they are a mere hint of more bad things to expect. Literally millions of people are being forced into the government plan by being forced to change their insurance because of the regulations written to nullify Obama's own promises. Americans were deliberately deceived and lied to to "persuade" them into supporting it. It was all just one big lie. ObamaCare is the big Bait and Switch of the 21st Century.

It must be repealed. The only way to do that is to take control over the US Senate and retain control of the House of Representatives. It also wouldn't hurt, to keep a Democrat out of the White House.

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