Sunday, November 10, 2013

Dump Them All

Are you a member of a political party? Democrat? Most every DEM in Congress voted for ObamaCare. Republican? NONE! Instead, the GOPs supported the Patriot Act & its renewal along with its major expansion under Obama. The NSA abuses the Patriot Act by spying on YOU!

So neither political party is your friend. Just look at their respective voting records. Watch their actions. The Democrats want to keep borrowing and spending money that we don't have or can't afford to borrow. That's destroying America. They love to raise taxes on everyone and don't really care how it effects you personally. The Republicans have become Moderate Democrats and spend and borrow just as bad - or they cave to extending the debt ceiling at the last minute. They do that to look like they are working for you. Neither political party is your friend. They are all looking out for themselves - not you or your interests. They are no longer Republicans. They are Progressives.

Disaffiliate from both parties. Become an Independent voter. Stop donating money, time, or resources to them. Why bother? They do little to make you happy. Instead support ANY new candidates running against ALL INCUMBENTS. It doesn't matter which political affiliation they are - just as long as they oppose the "Career Politicians" in office.

Your vote can make a difference and it's the only legal way to overthrow the government. Hey! We didn't say "Revolution" now did we?

The most recent revelation coming out of Big Government is that they LIE from the President down to the lowest in this administration. Don't misunderstand, the Republicans LIE also. People like Paul Ryan (VP Candidate) are working hard with the Democrats to create legislation that will give AMNESTY to over 30 million ILLEGALS. That's NOT looking out for you.

So get rid of them all. Seriously, all incumbents must go. Especially those who have been in office for more than two terms. Clean house to rid Washington of the corruption and back-door deals. It's our only way outside of starting another true revolution. Think about it. Are you fed up enough to give a care?

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