Friday, December 6, 2013

Never Any Answerability

Progressives NEVER want to admit their failures because that shows that their programs do NOT work. Instead they continue to blunder along wasting time, money and resources to expand and grow government control over your lives. That's really the whole point of the Progressive movement - CONTROL. The city of Detroit is a perfect example. Progressives have dominated and run Detroit's politics for over 50 years. Now look what they have to show for it. Progressives won't admit their failure there.

Once the automobile capital of the world, Detroit can't make cars like they used to. The greedy unions under Progressive leadership have destroyed the automobile industry here in the USA. It's now cheaper to parse-out the individual components to other countries than it is to build them here because unions have priced themselves out of the market. The various components are made in Mexico, India, and other places then shipped to Detroit where they are assembled. REALLY?

Because of all the political corruption, Detroit is in the middle of filing bankruptcy. The state has taken control over Detroit's finances. Rampant political corruption, nepotism, and favoritism is finally running full circle with no where to go. Someone has to pay and there's no more money. Once again, unions have been granted too many benefits and now the city cannot keep up with the demands required by plush retirement pensions given to their teachers and state workers.

But Progressives will never admit that they are the ones responsible for the demise of a once great city. Accountability is not one of their strong points. In fact, it doesn't exist in a Progressive's vocabulary. The word "Accountability" is politically incorrect and offensive. Progressives are the ones who purport to be the ones who look-out for the folks. But in reality, they are the ones who make things worse for the folks because of big government intervention and corruption. They actually WANT people to be beholden to Big Government. That's the plan of income re-distribution (which is a MARXIST idea).

The smart people moved-out of the city long ago. All the ones that could - did... leaving the rest of the city to collapse on itself. Now Detroit expects another bail-out and Obama is there giving them what they want. No accountability - just more control.

Americans are only just awakening to what Progressives really are - MARXISTS in sheep's clothing. It's not about the greater good, it's about totalitarianism and despotism. "Progressive" is the new politically correct word for "MARXIST." They're here and working hard to destroy America.

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