Friday, December 27, 2013

Solution to Obama's Overreach

It's a simple idea to limit the abuse of Presidential power that President Obama has exhibited during his regime the last five years. Obama continually side-steps Congress by issuing "Executive Orders" or "Executive Directives." Neither of these devices were initiated to become what Obama has made of them. He has taken it upon himself to seize more power than the Constitution has granted him.

So now it's time to take-back what's duly theirs  and limit the extent that the President can issue fiats that change the laws that Congress passes. Clear case in point is the Affordable Care Act. Obama has re-written the law and the parts he does NOT like in order to suit HIS objectives and NOT the law as stated by Congress. Obama has overwritten this law 15 times since he signed it into law.

This abuse and usurpation of power MUST STOP. Tell Congress to write a law that restricts what these two "devices" can do and reduce and eliminate the DICTATORIAL usage that Obama has taken for granted. If Obama refuses to sign it, demand Congress override his veto or face expulsion themselves from office for NOT representing their constituents.

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