Saturday, December 28, 2013

Entitlement Trapped

I know someone who cannot hold a job very long. He works about a year and then gets laid-off or fired. The last time it took him over 2 years to find a good job. He IS talented, but who wants to hire a 58 year old who has been out-of-work that long? (Not many). Hence, a two year hiatus between jobs.

This time he was so excited to be going back to work that he decided to celebrate the good news. That's when he showed REALLY poor judgement and decided to smoke some marijuana along with drinking a beer over the weekend before he started work.

That was a BIG MISTAKE. The new employer forgot to mention to him that there was mandatory drug screening. After being drug tested on Tuesday, it took a few days to get the results. He was summarily fired that Friday. He is ineligible for unemployment insurance because he only officially worked about 5 days.

He actually was expecting to go back on the government dole but now he's complaining that all unemployment benefits run-out the end of this month. Congress gave NO further unemployment extensions. He says "No one cares." He was hoping to continue letting the government pay him NOT-TO-WORK for another 2 years.

Who's fault was it that he got fired? We (the taxpayers), have been "helping" this person maintain a lifestyle by paying him unemployment insurance for the past 2+ years. He came to expect the hand-out to continue. That's the entitlement mentality.

Incidentally, this person will probably be putting his house on the market soon because he is unable to maintain his mortgage payments. His alternate plans are to move into a room and live that way until whatever money he has runs out.

We can thank Obama and HIS regime for this Transformation of America. People are "expecting" too many entitlements from the government. There are too many true stories like this one. THANK OBAMA!


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