Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Sum-Up the SOTU

It became quite clear last night that President Obama offered few solutions to America's biggest problems like a sagging economy, lack of jobs, and way too many entitlements and Big Government out-of-control spending. Sounds like business as usual? Not quite. Barack Hussein Obama made it abundantly clear that it's HIS way or the highway. He has a pen and he is already writing a dozen new "executive orders" that bypass the American system of checks-and-balances outlined in the Constitution. In other words, he can't work using the Constitutional system, so he will create his own.

Blaming Congress for his lack of progress on HIS initiatives, has pushed Obama into behaving like he was the "CHANCELLOR of the United States" instead of the "President of the United States." He threatened to take unilateral action more than he has in the past five years. He's calling 2014 as the "Year of action."

Obama is IGNORING his oath of office AND the Constitution. The President's job description is clearly defined in the Constitution. Nowhere does it give the President unilateral powers to promote HIS agenda. Last night's SOTU was a slap in America's face. He is ignoring his oath to defend that Constitution for HIS OWN AGENDA!

Rasmussen Report says that 69% of Americans think it's better for Obama to work WITH Congress than to go around it. So it looks like if Obama can't get HIS way, he just quits playing the game so he can have it HIS way.

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