Saturday, February 1, 2014

Natural Snow or Man-Made?

We have all heard about the surprise snowstorm in Georgia and elsewhere that stranded thousands of motorists and created massive traffic jams and accidents. But have you heard what people are saying about that snow? Many people are discovering that the "snow" has some weird properties. Apparently the snow that crippled the south has some peculiar characteristics - like:

  • It is extremely fluffy and light powder.
  • It does not melt and change back into water! No joke! Instead it sublimates into a gas - leaving little moisture behind.
  • It remains "fluffy" for a few days longer than usual - even with warm (52 degrees) temperatures. When it does disappear (not melts), it leaves little if any moisture along with some gray chalky residue. 
  • New fallen snow has a strong chemical smell. 
  • When exposed to an open flame, it gives-off an odor like burnt plastic and when heated long enough, the snow turns BLACK.

Those descriptions are not describing the "snow" that we know. When you expose snow to heat, it should melt and change back into water. This stuff doesn't!

So is this Mother Nature's snow or is it a direct result of our government HAARP project or some other weird Internet explanation? Who really knows?

Need Proof It's NOT a Hoax?
Here are several examples of individuals trying to melt this snow:

Note: Although the flame is clean, the snow turns BLACK and gives-off a chemical smell similar to that of burning plastic and it does NOT MELT and turn into water! Instead it shrinks.

Still skeptical? Are you a pragmatist? Seeing is believing. If you have some snow laying around - why not give it the simple burn-test?

You may discover similar results. Whatever fell from the sky the other day, isn't SNOW in the documented Internet examples! That's as far as we can go with trying to decide exactly what the precipitation was, how it got there, and why it happened.

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