Thursday, January 2, 2014

Weekly Polls

Rasmussen Polls track a variety of issues. One important one is the President's approval rating. Here are the results for today:

Obama's Job Approval

Other Ditties

  • 35% of voters think that we should sell the post office.
  • 30% of voters say that the US is heading in the right direction.
  • 58% expect healthcare to cost MORE under ObamaCare.
  • 21% favor Amnesty for Edward Snowden.
  • 29% say it's a good time to sell a house.
  • 25% used the Post Office less this holiday season.
  • 6% think that New Years Day is one of the most important holidays.
  • 53% view marriage as a religious institution.
  • 68% celebrate Christmas as a religious holiday.
  • 31% of those interviewed work a 40-hour-week.

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