Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Easy Way To FIX The WH

In the past five years we have seen Obama overstep his presidential powers and usurp powers beyond what the Constitution has spelled-out for his office. He has side-stepped Congress to push HIS agenda every time he meets with resistance. Obama's dictatorial attitude continues with his newest "mandates" for ObamaCare. Obama has NO AUTHORITY whatsoever to modify, delete, stall, modify, and change ANY law enacted by Congress. However, Obama has in fact, done just that 15 times with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) - in direct violation of the US Constitution.

There is a legal way to stop this abuse. The Republican Party needs to maintain control over the House of Representatives and gain control over the US Senate. Consequently the 2014 midterm elections are critical. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) is afraid that this could happen and are busy raising money to help promote the re-election of Democratic Senators in 2014.

Conservative voters MUST elect a Republican majority in the Senate. Once they do, they can begin IMPEACHMENT PROCEEDINGS against the most BLATANT abuser of presidential powers in history!

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