Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Face the Truth

Everybody seems to like reality TV shows. So why is it so hard for the Democrats to face reality? We have had over five years under President Obama and look where we are today. The economy is still a disaster even after Obama's failed  "STIMULUS" program. This is no longer the Bush Economy it belongs to Obama. It's HIS now and HE should take responsibility for it.

Obama has imposed new regulations to implement HIS policies. He did that because he could NOT get Congress to go along. For example: Obama wanted to pass Cap & Trade which would raise your energy prices. Congress said no, so Obama directed the EPA to add new regulations that have forced the closing of dozens of power plants across the US. The net affect was to raise YOUR energy prices. Meanwhile, Obama refuses to allow the Keystone Pipeline that would enable cheaper oil for the US from Canada. Doing so, would allow less dependence on Middle East oil - strengthening our national security. Obama says "No" hurting ALL Americans.

Obama's implementation of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) has been a disaster. The law has had a negative impact on the overall economy creating more part-time work than full-time. Obama then unilaterally (and ILLEGALLY) changed the law over 30 times to accommodate the problems with this corrupt designed health care law. The result of Obama's changes is that the law does NOT target the intended beneficiaries in the original law. As a consequence, it has impacted MILLIONS of Americans by dropping them from their healthcare.

This list of failures goes on and on. So why is it that the Democrats continue to believe that Obama is the best thing since sliced bread? Can't the see that it's Obama's policies and regulations that are causing the middle-class to suffer immensely?  It's Obama who is responsible for our weak economy.

Can't the faithful LEFT realize that Obama's foreign policy is weakening America as well? Obama lacks the ability to manage Geopolitics in a strategic way to ensure America's best interest.

When will the Democrats/Progressives admit that their programs, big-government entitlements and give-aways are a failure? Does their IDEOLOGY get in the way? He breaks the law and the Democrats look the other way.

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