Sunday, August 24, 2014

America's Mistake

There may be hope after all. Why even the Ministry of Propaganda (Main Stream Media) is directing actual criticisms towards the Anti-Colonial President Obama. The Main Stream Media is confused that Obama shows no compassion whatsoever. They are stunned that their "leader" isn't quite what they thought he was. However, they will still stick up for Obama and defend his defenseless actions and inactions because he is the Pied Piper. He's leading America to his version of "UTOPIA."

The main thing resulting from all this confusion is that even DEMOCRATS are waking up about Obama's inability to conceive that America IS in an undeclared WAR. This gives hope to those of us who already get the big picture.

Obama's words of condolence over the beheading were nullified eight minutes later when he left to play another round of golf. This left his supporters dumbfounded. He showed no  sincerity and has no compassion. He only plays to the last sound bite and manages his affairs by polling - not leading. He'd rather play golf and forget about protecting Americans and America from TERRORISM. His actions show it. His friend and Attorney General, Eric Holder informed Americans that he will pursue the beheading as a criminal act. REALLY?

Is is NOT apparent to either of the top two leaders of the US that we are at WAR with the Muslim NAZIS in the Middle East. Yes, ISIS are the equivalent of the NAZIS because they are a totalitarian murderous state. Their brutality shows it. So Eric Holder treats the beheading as a crime - not as an act of WAR. Obama doesn't even acknowledge that ISIS is a real threat to the US and it's allies. Why? Because Obama does not want the USA to "interfere" in world politics. He would rather play golf than try and figure out what's REALLY going on because of HIS decisions and inability to formulate foreign policies.

Americans are waking up about Obama and his REAL agenda for America. Is it too late? Time will tell. I'm not too optimistic.

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