Sunday, August 17, 2014

Obama Does It Again

Before the dust has settled, GREAT IMPERIAL RULER Obama has weighed-in on the Ferguson situation. Interesting how he acts quickly on domestic problems while IGNORING geopolitical ones. Obama has ordered his perjuring chief law enforcer (Eric Holder) to investigate the shooting death of Michael Brown. That's putting the fox in charge of the henhouse.

Meanwhile, Obama has seriously criticized the Ferguson Police Department - just like he did the Cambridge Police Department a while ago. The end result of Obama jumping into a local issue is to enflame residents and to cause civil unrest. The Great Divider is doing HIS job as a Community Organizer. Divide and create more hatred between fellow Americans.

To add more fire to the situation, we see the race baiters coming out of the woodwork as well. Al Sharpton and Jessie Jackson are now both bloviating their racial hatred about this situation. That's how they both make their living. Racially dividing for their own personal interest and profit.

Meanwhile, Obama is politicizing this local shooting in order to energize black voters into unifying (and dividing them from the white community)  so they will vote DEMOCRATIC in the November elections. He omits the fact that Michael Brown is on video tape robbing a convenience store just before he was confronted by the police. We're led to believe that Brown was another innocent minority being discriminated against and finally "executed."

Wouldn't it be smarter to hold-back on commenting one way or the other about this case until the FACTS become known? Apparently Obama never learned that lesson and is repeating butting-in with his 2 cents to provoke the entire community into causing civil unrest. That's what he did as a Community Organizer.

Is this a warm-up for Obama to declare Martial Law? Is he practicing what to do on a small scale before he tries it on a larger one?

One thing for sure. Obama is dividing Americans every chance he gets. Why don't Americans see the big picture? Is the average Joe that STUPID?

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