Sunday, November 16, 2014

Congress Take Heed

So we are expecting Obama to commit another lawless act by unilaterally changing the existing immigration law and grant AMNESTY to millions of ILLEGALS. Meanwhile Congress has already told the American public that they will NOT IMPEACH Obama for breaking the law. Their main reason is "Joe Biden." They don't like him and so won't replace Obama with him.

Well too bad. Joe IS the Vice President after all. He's next in-line if anything should happen to the President. It's the chain of command. Frankly, I'm not too enthralled with Joe Biden either, but that shouldn't stop Congress from doing their job. They need to provide the "Checks and balances" as outlined in the Constitution. The impeachment clause is there for occasions just like this one.

We have a lawless Lame Duck President who doesn't care one iota about what's legal or not and he's supposed to be a Constitutional expert! Obama is trying to do whatever HE wants. That's NOT the American system of government. His insolent actions show his disdain for the Constitution and the American people. He gives ILLEGALS more benefits and privileges than he does to Americans. Look at his record.

Obama is destroying the coal industry because HE doesn't like coal. American miners and their families are suffering just because of Obama and the stringent regulations the Obama EPA has issued against them. He is allowing the borders to remain an open sieve so that ILLITERATE ILLEGALS can bring disease to America. Terrorists can also cross along with criminals. He just doesn't care.

Meanwhile, he allows ILLEGALS to become parasites by granting them food stamps, welfare, free medical and all the amenities of citizenship without any of them contributing to the system.

These are deliberate actions that are destroying America. Obama MUST be stopped by IMPEACHMENT.

If Congress does NOT do their job, then they too are responsible for the destruction of a once great country. We voted for change and they'd better live up to it!

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