Sunday, November 9, 2014


The Republican Party better get their act together. They have misunderstood the results of the midterm elections. How do we know? Simple, they are proceeding with business as usual. Instead of understanding that the midterm whiplash was directed AGAINST Obama and NOT for the support of the GOP (Grand Old Party). Voters were voting to show their disgust with Obama's policies, regulations, and just plain bungling of foreign affairs in general.

Since Congress is NOT listening, the ONLY way citizens have to "speak" is to vote, and we did. We dumped the people who have supported the MOST radical President in US history. Americans are finally aware that the Obama government is NOT looking out for them. He thinks more of ILLEGALS than he does Americans. He shows this every day by NOT closing our borders letting disease and criminals enter the US.

Obama knows that we have figured-out that he's our enemy. He doesn't care about US citizens, and he's trying to weaken ("transform") our country. This explains why he keeps the borders unprotected. He needs the ILLEGALS to become citizens to protect his Party by offering them bribes and getting them as voters. Cynical, devious, and disgusting, but true.

The other IDIOTS in Washington think that they have our support as well. FOOLS - all of them. Now the GOP is spreading rumors that Jeb Bush is "thinking" about running for President. This is their way of floating a trial ballon to see how the idea permeates the culture. Hello, we do NOT want another Bush - especially a RINO like Jeb. We don't want another choice of the best of the two evils. This guy actually supports giving AMNESTY to ILLEGALS and he also supports Common Core (brainwashing your kids). He is NOT a Conservative. He's a Progressive - NOT a Conservative.

The Republican Party has given-up their traditional values of conservatism. Instead, they have shifted towards the left and have become Moderate Democrats. Meanwhile the Democrats have shifted even more to the Left.

Independent voters are growing in their numbers because they are disgusted with BOTH parties. Neither the DEMs or the GOPs listen to their constituents after getting elected. They both give lip service - nothing more. That explains why they are leaving their old political parties. So if the GOP keeps on thinking that they can go their merry way like the good old days, they are in for another loss in 2016 and will give rise to a new THIRD political party. So be it.

America is at a dangerous point in her history. We must do everything possible to save her.

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