Sunday, March 29, 2015

The "Empty Skies"

If you know anyone who is an "RC" (Radio Controlled) enthusiast, better tell them to get a new hobby. The friendly skies are getting to be less so. The government wants them to become the Empty Skies. As a matter of fact, if you enjoy flying remote controlled model airplanes, you may be considered an "Extremist" or worse by the government. They think that anyone who has this capability may be using that as an excuse to spy on people - or worse yet, to attack them (just like the government does using drones).

The FCC is slowly taking over the Internet, so now another government branch, the FAA, is taking over the skies above your homes. Big government is making us all feel warm and fuzzy with their new acquisitions.

The new FAA "regulations" have to do with drones. The government considers model airplanes to fall into the category of a "drone." They believe that normal citizens should NOT have the ability to fly RC aircraft because they are endangering commercial planes. They are severely restricting their usage. What they really mean is that THEY want to be the only ones flying drones over your homes, farms, and businesses. They want to exclusively reserve the airspace for police surveillance, spying, and God forbid, killing individuals.

So if you have any friends who have RC planes, better tell them to find another hobby. Big Brother won't be sending Black Helicopters to their house because they use drones now!

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