Sunday, April 5, 2015

Idiot of the Free World

So let's get this straight. Obama says that Iran won't pursue nuclear weapons because it is "contrary to their faith." He says this when the Iranian leaders cry "Death to America" during the negotiation talks. He ignores the fact that people of the Muslim religion are beheading US citizens, Christians and Muslims. Obama is a DANGER to America and to all Americans.

Let's look at the facts. Iran is literally gloated with their own supply of crude oil. Their gasoline is literally pennies a gallon. Their claims that they are developing nuclear power because they need it are pure LIES.

When Obama capitulates to Iran's development of NUKEs he's either a fool or he is deliberately trying to destabilize the Middle East and weaken the United States. By allowing Iran to have nuclear weapons, Obama is putting the USA in DANGER. Surely he knows that. If so, Obama is a FOOL of he believes what he said. He IS an IDIOT of the Free World.

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