Sunday, May 10, 2015

Jade Helm - The Lies

President Obama has ordered US Special Forces to have "realistic training exercises" and "surgical strikes" in "Unconventional warfare" in several states. WHY? Why is the military training is US cities in the wee hours of the night? The operation is called "Jade Helm 15" and has become very controversial. The government is saying that its purpose is NOT in "preparing themselves to contain popular extremist uprisings — including uprisings in U.S. cities." However, the stated explanation is: "Mastering The Human Domain’ refers to the use of the military to engender trust in order to control the totality of the physical, cultural, and social environments that influence human behavior." These exercises will all be conducted at night while you're sleeping, and start on July 15th and end on September 11, 2015! Coincident timing?

Gee, that sounds rather clear now doesn't it? Conduct covert activities while the population is all sleeping. Have massive air drops of military equipment in each state. What are they REALLY preparing for and why the expansive areas?

The exercises involve US Special Forces and Army Special Operations. This includes the Green Berets US Marines Expeditionary Units, US Navy Seals, and US Air Force Special Ops Command and the 82nd Airborn Division. They also include massive numbers of tanks, armored personnel carriers and huge air drops at night. There now, doesn't that make you all feel better? Hint: Small arms are useless against these weapons.

Government minions are now calling the opposition to their war-games as "Jade Helm Truthers." This is a tactic to demean and discredit those who think otherwise. It comes from Communist Saul Alinski's book "Rules for Radicals" and "Totalarianists" use it all the time to promote their political agendas - including Presidential campaigns. They say that this "theory" of a military take-over is stupid and people who believe it are paranoid.

These activities are nothing more than the practice (or represent) a military-take over of the states.  It seems that no one remembers the Posse Comatatus Act of 1878 that prohibits the use of US military against its own citizens. Screw that! Don't be fooled by the rhetoric coming from the Pentagon. They claim that these "exercises" are NOT secret training because they are already made public.

Targeted states include Florida, Mississippi, Texas, Louisiana, Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado, and California. If you look at a map, that's coast-to-coast. This is NOT a trivial operation and it will cost mega-dollars.

Action To Take
Contact your Congressional Representatives and let them know that you have major concerns about this big-government "operation" and want it stopped because it breaks the law. Time is running out America.

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