Wednesday, May 13, 2015

War On Women & the Lies

What will Hillary supporters say when they find-out that Hillary pays women staffers $.72 while paying men $1.00 for the same job? Will they continue their unfettered support of her or will they actually stop and pay attention? Gee, that Kool Aid tastes good! Will women voters even believe these facts as facts?

No one knows for sure but it IS a the truth. Hillary does NOT pay women who work for her the same as she pays men. That's the REAL WAR ON WOMEN. There IS a disparity and she should be confronted with it. Will her supporters care about the truth? How can she be running for office when she LIES openly to deceive people into voting for her?

Why has she hidden in her bunker for 31 days NOT answering troubling questions about her charity and potential conflict of interest? How can she continue to get away with destroying government documents on a private mail server without ANY FBI investigation?

If Hillary has NOTHING to hide, then why doesn't SHE ask the FBI to investigate these allegations to clear her name of wrong-doing? Instead, she is behaving just like a criminal. That does NOT inspire confidence that she has ANY integrity.

Hillary is unfit to run for public office. She is deliberately deceiving, lying, and dodging any scrutiny. We need to vet ALL presidential candidates - including Hillary!

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