Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Politicians Put Us Here

What we don't need is another politician to run this country further into the ground. Politicians (both sides) have got us where we are today. Unsustainable debt, NSA spying, social unrest, bloated government, open borders, ILLEGAL CRIMINALS RELEASED into our cities, largest out-of-workforce numbers, and on and on.

Americans all say that we are heading in the WRONG direction. However, no one in Congress has the guts to do anything about it. Why is that? Because they are politicians. Politicians always promise you what YOU want and then they do what THEY want. They are never held accountable for the unexpected consequences of their legislation or policies or inactions.

Look what we have running for President. Hillary who is NOT honest or trustworthy. Socialist Saunders, and the Republican Clown Circus of 14-15 RINOS. That is one sad state of affairs. We have what? 14-15 candidates from the GOP running? They range from Flip-flopper Rubio to Obama Hugger Christie. Jeb Bush who supports Common Core and AMNESTY for ILLEGALS - more of the same-old, same-old. Republican elites don't want change. They just want to stay and enjoy their power while offering no solutions to our problems.

Voting for any of these clowns is going to net the same results of the past. It really is time to support a candidate who is NOT affiliated with any political hack, political party, or special interest group. Fortunately we have a few. Please consider them as serious contenders.

Don't be fooled any longer by the charlatan politicians who lie their way into office and hurt the country while on office.

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