Sunday, July 12, 2015

RINOs Are Getting the Message

So-called "Republicans" are finally learning that border security REALLY IS important. However, they are learning the hard way. Too Bad! This is ONLY because Donald Trump is beating them into the ground with it. Now the "Republicans" are becoming afraid that Trump may beat them for the White House because he is resonating with the American public.

Trump has no strings attached unlike the politicians he's running with in the race. Trump is funding his own campaign and has no PACs or special interest groups helping him either. That's another plus.

By no surprise, the GOP elites (alias Republican leadership) are already on the record saying that Trump will never receive the Republican nomination to become President. When did the GOP elites think that THEY ELECT the President? Instead they bash his remarks and say that Trump is NOT a serious candidate and they find his remarks about Immigrants "offensive." They better look again. Those "Republican" leaders who say this are NOT Conservatives and they OFFEND US! They have ignored this issue too long and now are paying the price for their defiance to Americans. Oh sure, they say that they are "Republicans" but when you look at what they do, as opposed to what they say, the GOP elites are really Moderate Democrats. There is only ONE political party in Washington, DC. The Democratic Party is now the Progressive Party and "Republicans" are the moderate wing of it.

The GOP elites are the main reason why Conservative Americans are so frustrated with Congress. Americans elected Republicans to the House and Senate to control the legislative process. Instead, the career politicians run the show - so they only do what THEY want done - not what WE want done. They continue to trash the Tea Party or anyone who "steps out-of-line." If new Representatives or Senators don't follow the line, they are punished by RINOs Mitch McConnell or John Boehner. These two ARE the problem. They both have to go so we can take-back the Conservative Party. They aren't the only ones either. The "Republican Party" is loaded with RINOs.

Give strong consideration to voting for a non-politician in 2016. Politicians are the reason we are where we are today. They don't know how to fix the problems that Americans want fixed. Stop re-electing these career politicians and support NON-politicians instead.  What have we got to loose?

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