Thursday, July 23, 2015


GOP elites are planning to DUMP TRUMP because he's exposing them for what they are: LIARS & Moderate Democrats. Is it possible that TRUMP can win the GOP nomination? He IS a front-runner in the current polls. Why is this?

Trump is NOT beholden to special interest groups. Trump doesn't owe ANYONE a favor. Trump doesn't rely on fat-cat contributors for his political campaign. Trump is NOT a politician.

The top leading GOP good-old-boy favorites are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. Both of which are part of the self-serving GOP club. They are Republicans in Name Only (RINOs). Bush supports LIBERAL positions and Rubio flip-flops just to get voters to like him. Neither are true Conservatives. Neither will do ANYTHING for you - except LIE to get elected and then do what THEY want. Nothing will change in Washington, We already have a President that does that. So where's the difference? There just isn't any.

The Grand Old Party (GOP) has been infiltrated by Career Politicians who are REALLY Moderate Democrats. They support Obama on most of the key legislation. In 6 1/2 years Obama has only had to veto 4 bills. They refuse to hold Obama accountable for his violations of oath-of-office and violations of power as granted by the Constitution. The GOP is WORTHLESS on Conservative issues!

Action To Take
When the GOP comes looking for donations, keep the money in your wallet. Let them feel your angst and disgust for their false promises and lack of Conservative legislation. They are NOT leaders, they are POWER MONGERS.

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