Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Paring-Down the Candidates

Yes, we like what Trump is saying. Yes, we are fed-up with the corruption and incompetence in Washington, DC. Yes, we don't trust EITHER political party because they both lied to us. Yes, we like ANY candidate who is NOT a politician.

However, that limits our choices down to three from 17. OK, that's a more manageable number. We don't have to enumerate all the reasons why we don't like the other 14 Clowns in the race. They are all politicians and that spells it out. Granted, Ted Cruz is more like a non-politician so he may be considered the fourth candidate.

So now we have four. Trump is leading followed by a close Doctor Ben Carson, then Carly Fiorina, and Ted Cruz.

Trump: He's saying what Americans are thinking. He is creating the agenda for HIS ticket. His ideas reflect the silent majority of America. However, he has many views that are NOT too Conservative. The GOP elites have no clue about how to deal with him because he's exposed them for what they are - CHARLATANS and LIARS. Actually both parties are corrupted. Can Trump win the presidential election? His popularity (if you believe the polls) is at about 21%. If this is the criteria, then NO he cannot win. Will Americans trust him in the final analysis? Perhaps not. They have good reasons not to.

Ben Carson: He's a brilliant retired neurosurgeon. He can solve complex problems. He knows that he should surround himself with other brilliant thinkers. His popularity is over 61% but presidents don't win on popularity alone. His message is somewhat different than Trumps and Carson has NEVER supported or admitted to being a Democrat in the past. Dr. Carson DOES support Conservative views. Is he too soft-spoken to become president? Who knows? His debate performance may boost him even higher.

Carly Fiorina: A successful business woman who managed a top level high tech company during a hard economic time. She made her opponents look like amateurs in the first debate. Will the majority of Americans support the first woman to become president? Chances are "NO." However, she could make a perfect Vice Preseident.

Ted Cruz: A Tea Party favorite who actually closed-down the government while defending Conservative principles. Can he get the support from Democrats and Independent voters. That depends on how well he does in the upcoming debates. The GOP elites HATE Cruz and that's a good thing. He's on our side.

The next debate is in less that 2 weeks. Watch and decide if any of these 4 have a chance to gain some advantage.

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