Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Stop Crazies & Mass Shootings

Hey it doesn't take a magic wand to solve the growing problem of crazy people wanting to commit suicide and kill innocent people with them.

BAN ALL GUN-FREE ZONES. That way law abiding citizens who have the right to carry, will be allowed to use deadly force to stop these INSANE murders. The INSANE target these paces knowing that they will NOT be challenged or threatened wile committing their atrocious acts. Of course the LEFT will want the government to ban all guns, but we know that criminals will continue to own guns and use them easily against unarmed citizens. That's just STUPID.

The Second Amendment was NOT created for hunters, it was meant for ALL citizens to arm themselves for protection - including protection from a totalitarian government that wants to confiscate their guns. The LEFT will never get it. They live in a utopia make-believe world and believe that THEY are much wiser that all of us combined. Get over it! The Second Amendment is here to stay and so are our guns - no matter what Obama and the other LEFTISTS want.

Armed citizens protect themselves everyday. They won't give up that freedom ever.

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