Sunday, October 11, 2015

Time for REAL Leaders

Kevin McCarthy (R, CA) has withdrawn his bid to become House Speaker. Three cheers for TRUE Conservatives! There are rumors he has (had/is having), an ILLICIT extra-marital affair. Just what we need is another DIRTBAG running Congress. What happened to INTEGRITY? He was a BAD choice to begin with, anointed by the established GOP elites. Integrity means NOTHING to them any longer. They go along - to get along. They go through the motions of looking like they are doing work.

The Republican Party has been controlled way too long by the Good-Old-Boy network of Washington elites. The main stream media propaganda refers to the Good-Old-Boys as the "Pragmatists." What a joke. They lay down, sit back, and cave-in to Obama. They are the "Do-Nothing-Guys" who capitulate to Obama's every wish and threat of vetoes. They have become the Democratic Party Lite version. They never challenge Obama's abuse of presidential powers. Instead, they give-up their own powers and make Obama more powerful. Under Bush, they over-spent and helped expand big government. They NEVER say no to Obama's bloated budget. They are afraid to SHUT-DOWN the government for fear that they will not be re-elected. Go ahead, shut-down the government! Let them realize that government employees are just that. Don't pay them when they don't work. They work for us - not for themselves. The Good-Old Boys have grown the government, increased their salaries, and improved their own retirement benefits. They don't even have to participate in ObamaCare! What's good for the goose, is good for the gander! They are SO out-of-touch and now and it's time for a BIG change. They do NOT represent the people who elected them to office. They forgot their obligations and their responsibilities. They are stuck in the pattern of doing things the "old way," but times have changed.

Fire the CHUMPS who don't want to fight for Conservative values. The Good-Old-Boys call the Tea Party representatives the "Republican Rebels." That sums it up. Our Founding Fathers were "rebels." The Washington elites don't have a clue of how their electorate has changed, what they are supposed to do, and who they are working for - or they just don't give a care. They don't want to rock the boat or cause any problems for Obama. They should all retire and go on to greener pastures. They are too lazy (or too OLD) to fight for Conservatives and we need NEW LEADERSHIP. Many have been in office over 30 years. That's just DISGUSTING! We don't need "Career Politicians." It's time for new blood that has some energy and strategies that put America back on track. We need someone that provides the necessary Checks and Balances that the Founders provided in the Constitution. The old ways just don't work any longer. The current GOP "Leadership" are stagnant and lifeless and have given-up without any resistance to Obama's reckless abuse of powers. The current electorates are going to make a BIGGER difference because of this, but the Good-Old-Boys STILL don't get the message. Just look at the budding Presidential campaign. We don't want another career politician running the country into the ground.

Encourage Tea Party Republicans and True Conservatives that they can and should take control over the Republican Party. We don't want or need another "Republican In Name Only" (RINO). Offer your support and encourage them to continue fighting for Conservative values. Make it a point NOT to re-elect the clowns who call themselves "Conservatives."

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