Sunday, February 21, 2016

We've Been Duped

Seriously, do you actually believe that Justice Scalia died from "natural causes"? The first thing reported concerning his death was "There was no foul play." REALLY? Isn't a death of a famous and important person usually announced saying that it "appears" as though they died of natural causes. We are usually given the benefit of the doubt until we see the results of an autopsy.

They found him with a pillow over his head. Don't you think that's a bit unusual?

The next thing that makes this look bad is the fact that NO DOCTOR ever looked at Scalia's body. They just announced that he died from a "heart attack." How do they know this if the body was NEVER examined? A Crystal Ball?

Motives for Murder
What are the motives to kill Scalia? Justice Scalia was going to participate on these rulings:

  •  A case that would either reinforce ObamaCare or not.
  •  A case that challenges Obama forcing religious affiliations to provide birth control
  •  An affirmative action case from the University of Texas
  •  A case involving non-union members being forced to support a union they didn't like
  •  A ruling on the Death Penalty
  •  A ruling on at least one case regarding Abortion

Other than that, there are no motives by anyone on the LEFT for getting rid of a man who strongly supported the Constitution. Think about it!

We're being duped. It's just that simple.

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