Sunday, February 28, 2016

Choose Wisely - NOT Emotionally

Voting based on ANGER is NOT the best way to select your presidential candidate. In fact, it's dangerous. Hold-on. We're ALL MAD at the establishment politicians in both parties. We have good reason for this. They are corrupt, greedy, and power hungry. They have all betrayed their constituents and we are finally so upset that we are NOT thinking but letting our emotions rule instead.

We have candidates on both sides that we would probably NEVER consider if we weren't so disgusted with the establishment politicians. That alone should run-up the RED Flag. However, primary voters (so far) are NOT thinking. That's the problem.

On the Democrat side we have a Socialist Senator who wants to give everybody everything and make a small percentage pay for it. The other candidate is NOT trustworthy and is being seriously being investigated for possible federal crimes. The Republicans have reduced their numbers to three contenders. One establishment candidate who supports AMNESTY, one who was a Democrat and donated to many LIBERALS over the years. That one doesn't discuss his support for the Constitution. He avoids it. The other candidate has no friends in the Senate because he has defended the Constitution which they continueally keep trashing.

If you actually stop and think, you may surprise yourself at your candidate selection. Does your choice candidate fit with your political views. What is their history? What is their temperament? Why do you REALLY like them? Are they truly suited to be in charge of our nuclear weapons? Do they have a BAD temper? Are they "presidential?"

Some of the candidates have no real clue (even though they project that they do) about the specifics of the issues. Do they answer tough questions or do they beat around the bush by avoiding them? Listen carefully because the future of America depends on your selection.

The bottom line is don't be fooled again. America is at a turning point and we need someone who will protect your liberties and your freedoms while defending the Constitution. Of the three candidates, there IS one that fits the bill.

Choose wisely.

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